2015 ways to be happy


What do you think about making out of 2015 your best year until now? I’m willing to do so, consequently I am prepared to share some resolutions for the next year with you!

1. Don’t start 2015 disappointed because you did not organize your New Years Eve party properly! If you didn’t have that much fun on New Year’s Eve and if you did not plan it in advance accordingly, just start putting on your list some ideas for the next New Years Eve, choose one of them and start working on it during the year. 12 months will pass really fast by!

2. Start doing important things for you on your own. You might not have the perfect company to share some things with, but I am sure you will be happy with your decisions. If you would like to do some sports but you never find the right partner for this, just go to the gym and open its door by yourself. You will find there many others going by themselves, you will find personal trainers that will help you achieving your goals and you will be surely happy with your decision. Work hard and you will see the results coming!

3. Don’t wait for the summer to come in order to book your holiday and don’t wait for others a lifetime to decide if they want to join or not. If someone is unsure in joining your activities or even a holiday, it obviously means that your friend is not interested in your plans. So, why don’t do them by yourself? Decide in February or March where do you want to travel during the summer, finish your bookings and you will be at least 1000 times happier than your friends in July or August. Don’t worry about being alone at your final destination since there are hundreds of apps and websites where you can meet locals or other travelers. It’s your chance to learn more about the place you are visiting, including locals and habits, which you probably won’t notice if you are traveling accompanied.

4. Start avoiding the unhealthy processed food even if you feel hungry after a crazy clubbing night. Try to replace fast food, regular sweets and any other food that has an incredibly long shelf. For many of us, the easiest way for eating healthy is to cook at home but there is no always time for this, so take also into consideration checking out for e.g. raw vegan restaurants in your city and becoming a regular client. Nowadays it’s even hard to pick up the healthy breakfast cereals with more than 100 kinds of cereals in most of the big groceries. Start reading about healthy food and act accordingly, so you’ll preserve your body as a marvelous temple.

5. Dress always well and take into consideration also the moment of the day you will be wearing that outfit. Your shoes have to be always clean and your hair has to be styled. Do not underestimate the accessories, they are mainly the details that transform a regular look into an interesting or even into a perfect one! Do not wear clothes that do not fit you or you are not mentally comfortable with. The effect of “the clothing is wearing me instead of me wearing the clothes” will be visible and the fashion disaster will be obvious to everyone around you. If you are still unsure regarding the outfits that fit you or even how to wear a specific outfit, go and ask for advice! There are many specialists prepared to help!

6. Keep yourself up to date with the news of your interest fields – high tech, fashion, sports, food, cars, photography, whatever! It’s important to be always up to date! Read, search, discover, try! The world is changing very fast, so look for reliable sources and inform yourself!

7. If you always dreamed of being a freelancer, but never knew how to start a freelancing career, 2015 will be probably still the right time for doing it. Start directly after finishing your job and during the week-ends, give up meetings with people that do not bring any positivism in your life and work on your ideas and hobbies. I read daily successful stories of people who left their challenging jobs and promising careers for something even more promising: their own business, that needs 100% of their dedication! If you believe in your ideas and the national or international market seems prepared for it, start building your business plan and work in achieving the goals step by step. Do not expect in a few weeks a lot of money, but consider the fact that hard work usually pays off!

8. Bring positivity into your life! Start changing everything and everyone that has a negative influence on you or tries to bring you down! 2015 has to be your most positive year until now. Do not waste your time with listening to failed love stories and to the fears of others. If you trust yourself, you’ll have a positive year. Surround yourself with people that are an asset for you! Learn to say “NO”. Think positive and do always the utmost to see the best side of life!

9. Do not waste your time on anything that does not bring you at least a spiritual benefit. If you feel that you are wasting your time with someone or something that is not worth it, just stand up and walk away! There’s a world full of things and people to be discovered. Move on and live a spectacular love story in an unexpected place, try out jiu-jitsu, join Tomorrowland or learn painting!

10.  “Be someones Sunday, not Saturday night”

“Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is”

“Keine Zeit ist keine Tatsache, sondern DEINE Entscheidung”

“Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos & sometimes the most judgmental people you meet, go to church on Sundays”

“Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart”.