2017, the last year of my 20s

2017 just started a few days ago, so it’s time to reflect upon the happenings, events and decisions made for 2016, to look through the last years resolutions and see what was achieved already and where is still some space for improvements. Surely, the new list of resolutions should be upgraded with some actual stuff.

I will always remember that many years of my childhood and teenager time I’ve been a very fat boy with lots of frustrations. The important thing is that I’ve kept the frustrations for myself and I didn’t blame anyone else for this. When I was 16 I decided it’s time to make a healthy change and reached about 72 KG from 100+ within 8 months just by cutting my regular meals and replacing them with low calories ones. This achievement was made without any medicine and without the help of any miraculous Chinese pill sold online. Afterwards I was taken to the gym when I was around 17 by a friend I will always admire and since then I started doing sports – in the beginning at a very low level, without any real deadlines, but actually I am proud to say that I do sports 5-6 times a week. Very cool personal trainers crossed my path in the last years in Sibiu, Brasov and Cluj and I’ve reached the form I longed for without any strict deadline or impossible effort. I am very happy to make nowadays also shirtless photo-shootings or pics in underwear. I never thought it will be possible, but look, if there is determination and power, you can reach everything. I am keeping myself away from steroids and I am trying to keep things as natural as possible but I don’t judge those who go the other way! It’s a pity in your 20s not to see what big things is your body capable of! You know, once you see the gym results, you start to get addicted!

If I am looking back to the last 9 years, I can definitely say I reached a lot – I finished my university and my master degree in Frankfurt, I had the courage to try out different jobs, I’ve moved on my own to Frankfurt, to Brasov and Cluj, I’ve traveled a lot and visited over 20 countries (and this just because I keep returning to my favorite places), I got inspired by many charming people, I fell hopelessly in love two times, I made many friends worldwide and had the courage even to travel alone, I started a blog without any financial hopes, just to write down some thoughts when I consider writing them down, I had some collaborations on Instagram with some newcomer brands and my pictures were shared already in some important spots, but this is a subject I’ll catch up maybe later on this year. Actually I am happy in love again, even if I thought it will never happen again with somebody from Romania, I am enjoying my 8h full-time job as recruiter for a German IT company, I am totally looking forward daily to my after-work gym sessions, I plan carefully my future travels, online projects and the last months of my 20s!

I’m always trying to build up a short list of New Year’s resolutions so these are the (public) ideas for 2017:

1) I have to visit Frankfurt again – my former life, my best friends, my memories. It was the city that changed me completely and showed me how life can be. In Frankfurt I’ve learned how important it is to feel free and to expose yourself in any matter you feel like, I’ve learned how you can find your way through strangers and later on how you can make friends for life and how dreams can become reality. I refused to return there in the last several years because I get depressed when I return back home. Now I am pretty sure things changed. All in all, I returned back from Romania by choice! My choice!

2) I think of starting doing some martial arts again! It’s something I’ve left somewhere on my way but I am also looking for a classy gym and a serious trainer I can resonate with and cool colleagues I can train with. It’s not easy after a working day and many other duties to find some inner energy for a martial arts training but if I decide to do this, I do have expectations from the dojo, the atmosphere and the trainer. I will definitely check out some dojos this year in Cluj and see if there is something that fits! Keep your fingers crossed please!

3) I plan also to take more care of my online projects and I started already to select people from outside Romania to work with because it’s much easier for me and they are professionals. I am quite disappointed because of some people from Romania trying only to make fast money on my behalf without having a future perspective of our collaboration. These are the people I am going to get rid of this year. Our 20s are here for getting surrounded by positive people and by people we admire and support us!

4) Love changes, live changes and embrace changes! It’s never easy to do a change in any issue, but do the things you are curious about and try them out! I did already several changes of my career path and of my strict point of views and I am happy about them. They weren’t easy, but the changes were worth everything! It’s not prohibited to change your point of views or to accept that you did a mistake!

5) Regarding my travels, I thought about discovering more new countries than last year. I planned already a trip to Cyprus and some other sunny places are about to follow. I am not sure if I want to return to any of the places I’ve seen by now in 2017 except Frankfurt. Even if I admit I was very happy to return 2016 to Iceland, Germany, Portugal and Hungary and to discover for the first time Poland, Norway, Belgium and Finland.

6) My most crazy wish for the last months of my 20s is to be on the cover of an international magazine. I don’t know if it will happen one day, but I think if it won’t happen this year, it will never happen! Anyway, let’s stay positive. Chances are made by ourselves, they don’t really simply come, but let’s see if I am badly enough determined to do something in this direction 2017!

7) Considering that I love New Years Eves, I already started to collect some ideas for NYE 2017/2018. I will do my best to attend together with my friend (that I love a lot and I wish to be with forever) a huge trance/minimal/electro party very far away from Romania!

Some other wishes and plans will be kept for myself by now just because they are about to happen and you know, beautiful things often don’t happen anymore if you speak about them in advance.

My 20s are about to end in about 11 1/2 months. Remember that this is a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, surround yourself with people you admire, don’t take yourself too seriously, love a lot, love a little and never touch the ground!