2018 – Our year to sparkle

There is one day left of 2017 and it’s the time when we start looking back in order to analyze the events of the year that is about to end and to make wishes for the next year.

When I look back and read my resolutions for 2017 here, I realize that I accomplished most of my desires. This makes me happy and makes me trust myself even more. To be honest, 2017 wasn’t an easy year and it wasn’t from some points of view as spectacular as 2016, but I tried to manage each situation (both work and life related) as good as I could. I try to learn what every “no” or refusal might teach me and I try always to improve for myself, not in order to be a good fit for something or someone that in the end won’t fit me at all.

Anyway, I’m happy to have seen again most of my good old friends from Germany last summer, I’m glad to have visited some beautiful places for the first time – Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, North Slovakia and to revisit some other ones – like Budapest, Bratislava and Barcelona. Everywhere you go you meet inspiring people and I do enjoy the holiday or the home vibes I can feel while I travel. Visiting Frankfurt again was sublime, it’s so stunning how fast things change there, shops move over or even close and people also move over… but the city stays and develops in an even more glorious way! We grew up and we didn’t do again the things we used to do years ago the same way because… they do not fit anymore into our actual lives – even if we miss these little funny things from our past sometimes. I stayed a few days in Frankfurt also without having a strict “to do/to see list”, because I missed living there, I missed my former neighborhood and the smell of the city, which you can feel only if you are not in a hurry and have time to look around and save moments in mind. Drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar of a skyscraper which overlooks the whole city makes me think about my position in general and about then and now. Without planning to make lists of pros and cons about living in Frankfurt, I found myself convinced that I have to return someday when I feel prepared for this, maybe for a longer time. In the end, it’s the place where I arrived many years ago on my own and it’s the city that witnessed my growing-up and which thought me how life really is, far away from home. It was a wonderful life also far away from home! Every time when I return to Frankfurt, Reykjavik or Lisbon, nostalgia takes over…

For 2018 there are already some other things planned (like visiting Malta, Bologna and Florence for the first time), but there are also wishes that won’t probably be completed during 2018 because they require more time! Regarding traveling, yes, I still dream of spending New Year’s Eve in New York, I would love to discover soon Azerbaijan and to become more professional when taking and editing pictures! It’s also on my list to write someday a book – based on personal stories or to have a photo exhibition on a particular subject. I would also love to write more often here. In order to achieve all these and some more in the next years, I will have to redesign in 2018 all those aspects of life that prevent me from working on fulfilling my dreams. It’s always important to set (in)flexible deadlines for your targets and to get rid of everything that is toxic in your life – whatever it might be, because it keeps you focused on things that won’t bring you further. I am working to set up these aspects already and this is what you should do, too, if you feel the same – without postponing!

In the meantime, I hope you planned a very cool, chaotic and alcoholic New Year’s Eve! And if you won’t have a wonderful NYE, you still have plenty of time (365 days) to plan the next one really good in advance! Don’t forget what “they” say – wear something red on New Year’s Eve – to increase chances of having a prosperous year in 2018. I will go for some red Happy Socks and underwear – check out their colored and extravagant collection here.

I wish you a prosperous New Year and may 2018 bring all the love, harmony and success you deserve! Until my next blog posting, see you on Instagram. We’re around 30.000 people there! (-;