3000 km. A never-ending story.

Feelings, memories, lost chances, senseless decisions, ambiguous vibes, passion, the good old golden times…


Most of the beginnings bring joy, optimism, build trust, make you ignore any stupid detail you might not like, make you feel strong and start usually with an ”I like you”. As days go by, there comes “I need you” followed by “I miss you” even on Facetime, Whats App or mobile Skype just because your better half might be living in another country. You generally meet each other as often as possible, considering also the distance and your job duties. Every time someone waits for you in the arrivals hall of the airport with a big smile and bright eyes, fills your heart with peace. Even if sometimes too many weeks pass by without seeing each other, every time you meet is magic.

Love much. Be honest. Fly high. Dream big. Laugh loud. Party till the morning light. Go home together. Empty streets. Nothing else really matters. Embrace me. Pura vida. Love again.

Each relationship is governed by the common rules of the partners and is quite unique. Therefore, there are no statements to be judged without knowing the reasons they have been made.

Nothing compares to us. 3000 km. 11 months. Trust. Kindness. Life. A never-ending story. TP554. Nossa história.

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Photos: Florin Pepene

Hairstyle: Catalin Sarghe

Jeans: Rufskin

Jacket: Dirk Bikkembergs

T-Shirt: Imperial

Espadrilles: La Paez

Accessories: handmade by several international artists