4 months and 7 days

It’s been already more than 4 months since I have moved over from Sibiu via Brasov to probably the most charming Romanian city, Cluj-Napoca. It is the second largest city of Romania, counting about 325.000 inhabitants and it’s a town where you can find whatever you like, depending on your mood – from many spectacular concerts, fashion and cultural events to various sporting activities or competitions.

I need to mention also the changes that happened and are related to my moving to Cluj. I truly think that important things happen in big cities, that offer more chances than the smaller ones. There are always many sort of possibilities, you need only to be able to catch them. The crowd of young and positive people spreads positive energy everywhere and the good vibe of the city is also given by thousands of students, some of them even coming from other countries to study here.

I am very happy with my decision and I do feel very comfortable and welcome in this city. Cluj-Napoca is a place where you can make extremely fast new friends, to meet trailblazing artists, a city where you can find many cosy but also futuristic pubs and restaurants and as most of the electro/underground clubs have been closed in Romania making space for the mainstream ones, in Cluj-Napoca there still exists a quite big party crowd of people supporting minimal/electro/dubstep. I love it because people that move over from cities where there is no culture for this kind of music cannot influence the good taste of music of others so either they join or leave.

I hope that Cluj-Napoca will forever preserve its originality, colors and architecture, its kind, friendly and welcoming people but also its bohemian flair.

Keep yourself up to date regarding my life in this beautiful city:



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Photos: Paul Kavinski

T-Shirt & Jeans: Diesel

Espadrilles: Pepe Jeans

Accessories: handmade by several international artists