Buddha Bar, Paris

A visit to Paris is as compulsory as learning to walk or eating fruits and vegetables daily! I do admit that the most famous attractions of the city are a bit overrated, but there are many artists corners, modern monuments and cosy restaurants to be discovered.

As  everyone is familiar with the famous Buddha Bar samplers, I will recommend you also the place where you can listen to that impressive chill out music while enjoying some delicious and unique cocktails or while having an exquisite dinner in a very warm and artistic spot – it’s the Buddha Bar of Paris.

It was launched 1996 by Raymond Visan, the owner of the famous Barfly in Paris and it is located on the ultra-chic Faubourg St Honor√©.  You will fall immediately in love with the concept, the exotic design, the obscure red lights, the Buddhas you will see everywhere and maybe you will start discovering also the Buddha spas and hotels spread all over the world.

I do advice you to call for a reservation in advance to be sure that you will get a table. The prices are above the average prices in Paris, but Buddha Bar Paris it’s definitely worth a visit. Who knows, maybe you’ll be so lucky to see some celebrities or even to be there when a famous DJ of the music samplers is “on duty”.

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