Cluj-Napoca goes ART

Besides all the amenities that a cool, green and modern city needs to have, Cluj-Napoca captures also with a spectacular exhibition of the artworks created by the graduates of the very famous UAD – Universitatea de Arte si Design (Arts and Design University). The city has also a word to say when it’s about art – even if we mean street art, fashion designers or even its art museum.

The exhibition of the graduates was very bold and brave showing how skilled and multifaceted one artist can be. Yes, artists, because in my opinion they have created many artworks that could have been also exhibited at the Bienale di Venezia or in any prestigious (Modern) Art Museum. Their professors did a marvelous job by guiding them through the art classes.

I’ve noticed some very intriguing paintings, a few very futuristic furniture pieces and sculptures but also a lot of breath-taking pictures. I recognized a story and hard work behind every single piece of something. I even took with me visit cards of a few graduates in order to contact them later on for a possible collaboration.

I really wish you, dear graduates, plenty of luck and please do continue working hard in order to always achieve your dreams!

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