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What if on your connecting flight back from your favorite holiday destination, you meet accidentally someone in the plane and both of you have a crush on each other? What if you look to the other one assertive and notice at the same time that the aforesaid person is doing the same since the moment you entered the plane and continues during the flight to flirt and smile? Would you start somehow a conversation, would you even hand out that person your number or any contact detail or would you be maybe too shy for all these stuff?

I do think that some circumstances of life are just <<one second>> chances and if you don’t act fast, determined and if you don’t accept the imaginary challenge with yourself assuming from the beginning that you’ll manage the situation, you might miss your chance to meet <<the one>> for you.

NevertheIess, I truly believe in readable clouds, innocent instincts, charming smiles, meaningful glances even in airplanes, mystically aligned planets and in myself as a grown-up, who can manage easily a difficult long distance relationship.

I handed out to my <<crush in the air>> a business card with my WhatsApp number and my Facebook profile during the TAP Air Portugal flight from Lisbon to München. After that, we started talking to each other the rest of the time, hoping that the flight will never end.

Before getting out of the plane, my crush said to me a surprising and positive <<see you soon>>, while I expected to hear a sad <<good-bye>>.

I’ve been contacted already a few hours after the flight. Maybe because it was obvious that I do believe in what I wrote above and also in the magic of the very first love at first sight…

Hairstyle: Catalin Sârghe
Photos: Florin Pepene

Jacket: MEN’s CLUB
Shirt + Jeans: Diesel
Bow Tie: Romanian designers
Handkerchief: Peek & Cloppenburg
Belt: Tommy Hilfiger