Dracula undressed

Undoubtedly the most famous Romanian myth is strongly connected to Dracula and the Bran Castle, situated about 30 minutes away from Brasov (by car). I’ve visited last week-end again, although I saw the castle already several times while I was a teenager. I was again impressed by the interiors, by the environment they create and I was lucky enough to visit in February, when it’s cold and snowy, so the number of tourists is really low!

Considered one of the most important medieval castles of Romania, Bran Castle is visited yearly by thousands of people who come from all over the world full of great and scary expectations. Some of them inform themselves about the legend and the others do imagine to find what the Irish author Bram Stoker described in his famous gothic novel called “Dracula”.

The mystic castle hides stories about vampires and ghosts, it reveals parts of the life of Vlad Tepes, it hosts an exhibition with antique torture machines and offers stunning views over the villages nearby.

Whatever your reason might be to come over to Romania, just make sure to include the Bran Castle on your checklist – it’s one of the highlights of the country and even easy to reach! Let’s see if YOU are the one to undress Dracula!


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