Portugal Files – Freedom of Nazare

It’s known as Europe’s best spot for surfers, it hosts some of Portugal’s most spectacular beaches and it’s situated in the Leiria district of the country. Nazare counts about 15,000 inhabitants and even if it appears to be a small city, it conserves tradition – the traditional dresses of the women living there are also an attraction of the place. Furthermore, the huge number of tourists is a fact that needs to be taken into consideration.

The Nazare canyon is actually being studied by the EU Hermes project using a remotely operated vehicle. The canyon has a depth of at least 5000 m and it causes enormous waves. Some surfing records have been registered there but unfortunately also some tragedies.

Probably the most famous fishing town in Portugal, Nazare is also a very beloved place for spending Easter and New Year’s Eve besides summer holidays. The city offers everything tourists might look for – from handmade products to plenty of seafood restaurants and breathtaking beaches!

I admit that I’ve never seen waves that big as those from Nazare. The forces of nature impress, scare, wake you up and make you reconsider your place as a human being in this world. Nature needs to be preserved in order to continue showing us its intact beauty and to impress us. Keep on protecting nature in every possible way!

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