Happiness might be that feeling that hits you when you know life is great so you can’t help but smile.

On the other hand, this feeling is so comprehensive and broad that you cannot even explain it well. It’s just that what you feel sometimes all over your inner body, it’s a sense that makes you look wonderful, secure and very satisfied with yourself, your relationship, workplace, friends, or whatever.

Although sometimes we do not appreciate what we have and what is next to us and consider that things will always stay like this, there comes an instant when we have to open our eyes. We might notice that we miss things, people, places that were near us and did not count in the past. This is why we have to be thankful for what we have, for the trips we afford, for shared feelings, love and for our present. Keep in mind the though lessons from your past and never take the same wrong decisions again.

Sometimes we wait for Friday, to start the week-end, we wait for a holiday we booked three months ahead and we wait for the concert of our favorite band which is planned to take place six months ahead. While acting like this, we often miss NOW and our whole life is built of expectations (even from someone) and of waiting periods. If we start looking around we might notice unexpected details, we might decide spontaneously to go on a last minute trip, to quit a boring job or we may be part of sudden events that indeed fulfill our hearts with happiness. We might make peace with ourselves and learn what << happiness >> means. The happiness of NOW.

While you are reading this, the sun shines in Buenos Aires, a man dies at an old age with tears in his eyes in the arms of his lifetime love, a teenager celebrates his 18th birthday, a mother is giving birth to her child, someone is being cured by a doctor, a famous music band is preparing for a live concert and the moon is rising in Melbourne. It’s all happening NOW.

This is Happiness. The Happiness of NOW. Happiness is YOU.

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Photos: Paul Kavinski

Coat: Diesel Black Gold

Shirt: Mexx

Jeans: Diesel

Belt: Diesel

Boots: Handmade by a Romanian designer