Individualism rules the world

We’re living in the era of individualism, considering all the selfies I see everywhere around, next to the Instagram profiles that represent more a sort of online marketing of the owner than showing some real life moments and next to the dating apps where everyone again is trying to put himself as better as possible in the spotlight, hiding all imperfections and creating several misunderstandings. We’re not even tagging that often people in our pictures or we are posting only those pictures where we are in the center, representing the eye catcher. We are highjumpers, freelancers, heartbreakers, victims of our own imagination, pretenders and sometimes even wannabe artists.

We’re enjoying spending most of the time with ourselves, we put ourselves always in the middle, in the highest point of our priorities, which isn’t bad at all, but we forget to share, to get along with someone else, to care and we complain that we are single, without even truly wishing to be committed.

It’s Monday, a sunny day of September, a day I took off from work to spend some time with myself… (-;

IMG_5952i IMG_5951i IMG_5979i IMG_5959i IMG_5946i

Photos: Paul Kavinski

Jeans: Diesel

Shirt: Alfonso Dominguez

Shoes: Clandestino

Bracelets: several international designers