Let’s start again!

Considering the last two years, I am probably the champion of the new beginnings between my friends and I admit that I am still a lot into new challenges and I will probably never stop starting new projects, maybe somewhere else, probably in other ways, even surrounded by other people.

The last months have been full with new online and offline projects. Some of them belong here, other on my social media channels and a few aren’t released under my real name and belong to some other places. In fact, I always needed a break after a very busy period – for traveling a few days and reconsidering ideas, plans and wishes, for recharging myself and for relaxing. After those days, it’s time to return home and start again – maybe completely new projects or finishing what hasn’t been ended.

Actually, I was never scared of opening new doors and looking for new opportunities. Nowadays, I almost don’t need to open doors by myself, they simply open and I am invited to get in. Yes, it was a lot of work behind this. I was never scared of working overtime, of assuming deadlines or saying what I was really thinking, when I considered that it would help to change something that was going wrong.

Furthermore, it’s a huge pleasure to get positive feedback from former work colleagues who got appreciated by their new boss at work after they acted, communicated and decided the way you taught them. It is even more pleasant to know that you influenced in a positive manner the way someone developed.

All in all, never be scared of trying out something new or leaving your comfort zone behind. Great things always happen outside your comfort zone. And it will make you proud to do stunning things on your own – even if it is a sport you always liked but never tried out, a completely new job or a challenging project you always hoped for! Smile, move forward, leave all your fears behind and be sure you can achieve whatever you wish for. There isn’t any kind of recipe for success, but I still believe that success is a mixture of commitment, desire, hard work, patience, taking chances, integrity, perseverance and trust.

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Photos: Florin Pepene