Sometimes you don’t know which is the next step and what is much more important for you: your promising career, your radical beliefs, your loving family or your relationship which doesn’t seem to grow or to reach the next level. You might have to make a single choice.

Will you decide the rational way and move to a city which offers more development chances, will you go for your heart or will you just stay and wallow yourself in the same situation as before, complaining that you are unhappy? I think there is no right answer to this question, but I always encouraged every friend of mine to make a list of pros and cons and decide both the emotional and the rational way. I think this mix is the healthiest one, although it’s so difficult to achieve.

We are the lucky ones that have so many options to choose from. If you think of wars and of any other happenings of the past, you might get scared. We complain so often that we don’t know what to choose, where to go or which trousers to buy, but others did not even have the chance to dream of another life.

Note that we are here, we have the power, we might start changing the world by changing ourselves and getting better and kinder to each other. It’s December, the most expected time of the year…

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DSC_0359i DSC_0239i

Hairstyle: Ciprian Severin

Trousers: Celio

Vest: Celio

Shirt: Diesel

Belt: Diesel

Mask & Bracelets: handmade by several Romanian artists

Ring: Armani

Pin: handmade by a Swedish designer

Shoes: painted by a Romanian artist according to my vision of Adam & Eve and about death