Portugal Files – Street Art in Lisbon

It happened to me twice to land in a place and to feel already at the airport that I know that city from somewhere else, to feel from the very first second safe and welcomed. Lisbon is one of the two cities where I had this feeling, where I’ve been several times already and from where I always came back home with a positive vibe, new friends, a gorgeous tan, tons of beautiful memories and lots of new and high expectations of myself.

I decided to start writing about Portugal, since it’s a country that should be visited by everyone at least once. After that, you’ll fall hopelessly in love with the city and you’ll remember the way back for sure! First, I decided to refer to the street art that can be noticed at every corner in the whole country. This time, I’ll show you some street art pictures shot in Lisbon!

The city is an empire of artistic creations – from classic wall graffitis to painted garbage bins! Lisbon is inspiring and it’s a place where artists from all over the world come to create art! The city is permissive and encourages street art in most of its forms. I had the pleasure to meet last summer in Lisbon two artists from Heidelberg/Germany, that were painting during an after-noon a huge graffiti wall.

On the other hand, the capital of Portugal is unique in having a government division for street art, called Galleria de Arte Urbana, which is administrated by the city of Lisbon. This means that the city is funding and encouraging street art. So don’t worry if you see any artists painting or creating art live during the day somewhere in the city center. Don’t even get shocked when you see huge buildings covered entirely in graffitis!

In addition, if you are interested in getting to know the historical or political meaning that hides behind Portuguese street art, just google to find some guided street art tours. Locals are willing to make city walks with you through Bairro Alto, Chiado, Principe Real and Santa Apolonia to show you the best street art galleries of the city!

Finally, embrace a message that can be found everywhere in Lisbon and which is pretty self-explanatory: Mais amor por favor!

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