In the end it’s nothing more than a number that is growing from year to year. It’s a figure of speech that represents all your positive and negative life experiences, your personal and professional achievements, the lessons you’ve learned and you’ve taught others, it’s a sum of your straight and queer decisions, beliefs, thoughts, a result of your works, of your dreams that became true, a mixture of friends and acquaintances that influenced you in a certain way, an attempt to find the representing style for you and for sure something you should be proud of!

I’m happy to celebrate my birthday on the 15th of December – I’ve always managed to do something crazy on my birthday so probably that’s why each of them was special! I’ve spent some birthdays with my friends in Frankfurt, the city where I’ve studied, my second home and the city where my heart still is, another one in snowy Stockholm but finally, most of them were spent with my closest friends from Sibiu in cosy pubs and clubs.

Live each moment because it’s an unique one that will never return, eat healthy, do various sports at least five times per week, surround yourself only with people that will lift you higher, find a motivating job, believe in you, start again as many times you want, choose wisely, travel often, party hard, love deeply and always go after your dreams!

For this special day I only wish to stay healthy, to continue the projects I have started in the last months and to find the determination to make even more positive changes in my life. 27!

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Photos: Florin Pepene

Jacket: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Diesel

Belt: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: Diesel

Handkerchief: Handmade by an American designer