The (re)sound of my heart


As time goes by, things change so much. We grow up, we develop ourselves, we make mistakes, we try not to repeat any of the mistakes from our past and we become somehow wiser.

I needed 2 years to be able to fall in love again – and it happened the day I expected it less with the person I expected less. We noticed each other by coincidence a few months ago at a local music festival through the presence of a mutual friend. I think that we managed to go for a short and first coffee only one week later.

It’s quite strange to start feeling that “fluttery” mood again, to embrace each other and laugh because of no proper reason, to sleep tight together or to look in our eyes and notice that meaningful glimpse.


After two failed relationships, it’s not very easy to open your heart again – it might be even somehow challenging. So I love challenges and I did it – I needed more time than usual for it – but it is a wonderful and intense feeling that covers my whole body and soul.

Anyway, I think that we collect a lot of experiences through failures and they are leading us to a better understanding of ourselves. It’s the end of autumn and the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go… (-; and to open our soul to something  new.