The world in 28 COLORS

I am here, I have been always here, I never disappeared, I was coming, leaving, returning, starting again, but I was always there when you needed something. It’s not about why, who, what, whom or whatever, it’s about me and what I consider anything else but time-wasting.

It’s awesome to notice that I’ve made after 9 months of living in Brasov and after 10 months of living in Cluj (and still counting) the same number of friends for life I’ve made in 20+ years living in Sibiu. It’s even funnier that after living one year in Frankfurt and spending in the last 3 years pretty much time in Portugal, I made much more friends for life than in 20+ years of living in Romania. It’s impressive to see that I have achieved in these almost 2 years since I’ve moved from my hometown more than I achieved in many more years of staying there – both on a professional and personal basis. It’s huge to be appreciated by people who don’t know you, your culture, your job, your hobbies, your past or present. They see only YOU being YOU.

Now I know that I am in the center of every story of mine and I won’t be scared to be the main character of any episode. It’s my own plot which will be painted in each color I decide, accompanied by every song I love, surrounded by people that inspire and motivate me, chosen by me, being hugged by the one I love. I am painting this day in 28 different colors/Farben/cores and the last three of the color palette are the most intense of all!

DSC_0363i DSC_0373i DSC_0375i DSC_0395i

Photos: Florin Pepene

Hairstyle: Catalin Sarghe