This is why I decided to stay here

Last week I finally finished to move over into my new (and this time OWN) flat here in Cluj exactly after 3 years since I moved into this beautiful city! I am very proud of having taken this decision because I was quite tired of changing cities and countries on and on. The big thing that makes moving from one house to another annoying is the fact that I don’t move only with one luggage – I have plenty of things to carry with me and it takes some time to move out and then in.

I decided to stay in Cluj for the next years due to the amazing people that surround me (some of them since my beginnings here), the vibrant art scene of the city, the non-conformism that can be seen and felt everywhere, the tons of possibilities you have (sports, music events and any leisure activities) and the most important of all – I can be myself here – and I’m still in Romania! (-; I am so much into Transylvania and I’ve chosen Cluj as it is the biggest city in this region and I can get the best what Romania has to offer here. Actually, I’ve met so many people in 3 years that I cannot even walk through the city without meeting people I already know.

I am not going to blame Sibiu, my former hometown, I always try to return there as often as possible, but I prefer to return during the months that are crowded with tourists and full of events because otherwise small Transylvanian cities like Sibiu look quite boring and sad – even most of the restaurants don’t take food orders after 10 p.m. during week-ends and also close around midnight. I could not get used to this anymore. So if you feel you are in the wrong place, it’s up to you to change something about that! After living in Sibiu, Frankfurt and Brasov, I ended up in Cluj and I’ve  found here my place and happiness!

I decided to take some shots on one of the probably not that well known bridges of Cluj while I was wearing a beautiful wool coat signed by the Romanian brand Antonio Gatti. Even if it’s the beginning of March, the temperatures are very low right now, so I was very pleased to be able to rely on this coat. You can check out all their clothing (and find even very cool pieces in the sales section) on their website . Let’s support also well made Romanian clothing!

See you soon, when it’s hopefully spring outside! (-;