Until next time!

Most of the time when I am about to leave Lisbon, something happens…

The over-friendly security guy from the over crowded Lisbon airport asked me “How are you” after he told me the traditional “Óla“, while I was putting my hand luggage on the conveyor belt. I answered in a hurry without thinking, the same way I always answer this question. So I replied with a quite sad “I’m fine”. After a few moments I reacted and said “I’m not fine at all because I’m leaving now!”.

No reaction, just a sad face and then the regular question, if I have any liquids in my hand-luggage. I told him that I don’t and went to the queue for the full body screening. After a few moments I passed through and had to go to to pick-up my hand-luggage from the conveyor belt. Even if it was so crowded, the guy from security turned around, looked after me and our eyes met again. He screamed quite loud after me “You will return” and smiled. People around me waiting for their hand luggage after it was screened, expected me to return to the security, because they didn’t know what we spoke before so they thought he asked me to turn around and were surprised that I didn’t.

Anyway, I smiled in the end, too and answered back quite loud “I will! It’s a promise!”…and yes, I know I WILL. ❤️🇵🇹 #maisAMORporFAVOR #UNTILnextTIME

(c) The photos were shot on the streets of Lisbon by the published photographer Margarida Caudela